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Sunday, March 21, 2021
We have the [vegan] meats

Wow, an entire year. How do I keep fucking forgetting to come back in here and update this? Jesus I'm stupid. Still, much to go on about!

Okay, so studio! Still happening. I am also very fucking pleased as pissed to say I am so good at drumming now. I can play freestyle (freehand?) without any backing tracks, or metronomes. I'm not super great, but I can definitely play and write stuff for people playing along in the room.
My next concern on the drums is trying to get people to play with me but so far, everybody keeps fucking flaking. I could take Victor but he only has really one style, and it's basic indie chords. Not much to really do with that on the drums considering most of his stuff is meant to be played solo acoustic.
Also, there's a piano and I am slowly learning to play it when I take breaks from the drums or guitar. I need to get myself a bass to bring in there and play with. That would be so ideal.

Next item...Unemployment, still kicking! Not to mention they just did another extension to last until almost September I believe? I have yet to find the full details. However, it isn't super dire. I did apply for a job.

Which is a perfect segueway into (wait for it)


I began classes for HTML, CSS. and Java back in January and I didn't do too badly! I made it into the 2nd class which begins tomorrow morning. I've been very excited and also on the fence. I want to do this for a living but I'm struggling with Java in, basically, all of its forms.

After that we have the job!
The program set us up with jobs and I applied to do remote work for UCSF as some type of data input? The job listing said it was for a year, so that's actually kind of perfect because that can give me the one year off from unemployment and then i can just start that back up if i absolutely need to.
I am hoping that this does turn into a full time gig and i can continue to learn coding and eventually do that a side gig/fulltime on the side thing.

Anyway, that's the wrap up for now. I'm wicked exhausted and my stomach is fucking upset.


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