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Thursday, August 20, 2020
A Small Spot of Light Floods The Floor

Been a bit, hasn't it?
Quite a few developments since our last entry here.
First and foremost, I am definitely still unemployed and have officially decided to ride this wave out all the way to the end. Up to, and including the government/federal benefits extension given to us.
In a small sense i do kind of feel bad doing so because I know that there are a lot of other people out there who are much worse off that myself. However, I've been working since i was 16 almost 17. I had a brief almost 2 year break when i started college but even still. Like i'm 31 and i've worked basically tirelessly the last decade. Fuck 'em. Time to do me!

Second thing would be that i did finally get my music studio. It's even got 2 drum sets, guitar amp, piano, and decent air. I've definitely been feeling the drum set up and taking time to learn it and break down songs and learn them. I am at a bit of an impasse but i just recently remembered i can just bust out a metronome on my phone and learn that way. I only just did it i believe tuesday of this last week but once i got into my groove it was amazing.
My guitar work is improving a bit too. I tend to get cramps when i play too long. This could be remedied by me playing more often but i still dont feel super comfortable playing at home since Scott and Brenda moved out. It's just me and Dale but he works nights so I try to be respectful during the day time. All in time though. He's been super chill since they've moved out and doesn't really nag me about anything the way he would will his son. He even allows me to do just about anything as long as I finish it within a few days. I redid both my bedroom and living room. New bed frame, new box spring, shampooed all the carpets and it's just so fucking beautiful.

There's a lot more too but at the time it escapes my mind. I'll be back soon though. I have been wanting to update this for a few weeks now.
Until then!

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