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Friday, May 29, 2020
They speak of progress in the red, white, and blue.

I went to apply to healthcare tonight and it stopped me saying I may qualify for medicare for probably free. Despite me telling them i'm without a job and willing to pay for it with my unemployment money. What a fucking world we live in, haha.

I guess I should be happy. But we will have to see where this whole thing ends up because i'm in the last mile stretch to being clear of this diabetes type 2 so i can't exactly afford to lose coverage right now to be honest.

I had a conversation with my friend tonight about how she is basically a friend leech and I don't think she took it seriously. On the one hand i'm upset about the whole thing because this is something I have had to deal with so often in my life it's unbelievable.
But on the other hand I wasn't exactly super obvious in my tone either. But perhaps because she got really quiet for a second when I had finished saying my piece. So hopefully she kind of picked up on that and we will just see where it goes from here.

I had a long phone conversation earlier with my friend Britnee and I swear 3 hours on the phone was fast. I can never tell if she's being serious or not when she talks about moving in with her but I have made it very clear I am not about that life. I haven't even tried to move in with my gf over these last years. I just don't think it would be wise to be with anyone in a 'home' space with my head being the way it is. I require too much space and find myself inconvenienced whenever I have to do anything other than what I want. That's just not fair to the other person at all. I need to still continue to work on that until I can be the person they need me to be, and one that I can live with comfortably.

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