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Tuesday, May 19, 2020
The Flowers of Evil

"O my sole love, I pray thee pity me
From out this dark gulf where my poor heart lies,
A baren world hemmed in by leaden skies
Where horror flies at night, and blasphemy.
For half the year the sickly sun is seen,
The other half thick night lies on the land,
A country bleaker than the polar strand;
No beasts, no brooks, nor any shred of green.
There never was a horror which surpassed this icy sun's cold cruelty,
and this vast night like primeval Chaos; would I were
Like the dumb brutes, who in a secret lair
Lie wrapt in stupid slumber for a space... T
ime creeps at so burdensome a pace."

I just recently looked up this poem that Davey Havok recites in 'Midnight Sun' and wow. De Profundis Clamavi by Charles Baulelaire. This was written back in 1857. I am 1,000% astonished by this information! It's crazy to see people feeling and thinking that way in such an odd time. It is however really inspiring and i've read some of the translated work, and let me FUCKING TELL YOU. I've never felt so disheartened in my life. I mean that in such a good way too.

Anyway, I wanted to keep it brief. Today was nice and chill but i had so many moments where i wanted to do something else aside from what i was already committed to, but I guess that's part of the sacrifice ya know. You do it for the folks you love because you're just so fucking insatiable anyway that you know there isn't even a point in trying.
oh wow, i went off the rail a bit there. My bad.
Back to this AFI deep dive because I wanted beautiful lyrics to match my want of sleep but have not yet found!

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