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Sunday, May 17, 2020
Cuarteles De Invierno

Man I wish I could just be high all day while listening to music on the sound bar dude. I love the way bass is boosted on this sub-woofer. Definitely not biased as an ex-bass player, haha.
I say all of this as youtube autoplays a fucking news clip from ABC. HAHAHAHHA. GTFO here youtube. you're literally killing my vibe!
I wonder if anybody has ever used their unemployment money to just start a music career and fail miserably. man...imagine I did? I mean....nah-wewontgotheredude.

So I didn't get to take my guitar in these last few days because I was with my friends. Which is fine, not that i'm complaining, it's just I really want a guitar to play at home that doesn't involve me going to my car to and from when I want to play it. I've been learning a lot of new techniques and correct ways to do certain things after listening/watching all these spanish musicians!
Very excited to *ACTUALY* use my guitar capo correctly and effectively. I'm seriously so thrilled because now I can play songs in whatever fucked up broken key my voice is in. I honestly would have never known to match that up on my own.
It's seriously surprising though because as a musician: and a person who listens to so much different shit; you'd think I would have figured it out at SOME point in my life. But I never took writing music so seriously because I never really believed in myself enough to really pursue it up until now.

Also, today, I learned, unemployment insurance is actually only like 4 or 5 months. So I guess I got let go at a good time to ride the wave out for a substantial amount of time. This all does truly give me more incentive to just explore any avenues i've always avoided out of fear of running out of money for rent etc.

I always feel kind of guilty for feeling like this...but...?
I get so tired from being around my friends so fast and it's horrible because I actually begin to yawn all the time and have trouble engaging with them in whatever we are doing. Like I know I want them to go home but I don't have the nerve to say it because I know i'm a difficult person to get a hold of, let alone actually get to in person. It's difficult being such an introvert when you want to be good to people just not so much around them.
I'd rather just be thought about and talked to than be hung around. I'm just too awkward. I pause before texting most back because it gives me a moment to breathe from being exhausted from nothing. I know it sounds so stupid but I have no other means to try and describe it as!

Oh well. I do need to go to sleep soon. I was doing so good at going to bed at a decent hour, but now the whole thing is just fucked. Hopefully i can keep a good sleep schedule and that this week is just odd!

If you have a moment, check out Russian Red "Fuerteventura" it is honestly one of the most refreshing songs i've heard in fucking YEARS.

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