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Thursday, May 14, 2020
The after effects of delusion then sensibility

Today was honestly such a successful day, dude.
I woke up kind of late to be honest, but otherwise it was great. I took a shower this morning and listened to some alkaline trio throughout. I guess what I thought was acne on my face, is, in fact, just dirty pores from shaving incorrectly.
Fuckin' LMAO
I took a super hot shower and my face immediately felt better once the heat opened up my pores. Looking forward to doing it again tomorrow, haha. I hate having acne dude. So fucking badly!
This isn't even real acne just dirt in my pores from a close shave and it's driving me crazy.
Even better though I remembered to use both of my topical things to get my face vitilago under control. So i'm excited to go back at it again tomorrow. I do need to get that refill though through Alto Pharmacy. Maybe i'll try tomorrow and get it going before my insurance runs out at the end of the month.

Speaking of insurance!
I gotta get that shit sorted out through covered california soon. i'm sure the cobra coverage my job is going to send me isn't bad , but I imagine it is definitely going to be fucking expensive. Lord knows this is a bad time for me to not have any insurance either. I'm at the end of my diabetic journey and i'm so close to being fuckin cleared of this.

I sent my elite series 2 controller out via UPS today; and that also was a bit of a weird journey because I tried to print out the label using their website and in-store pick up but it never showed? Either way the lady was super nice and just printed it out for me and packed it all up and sent it off on it's way. If this new controller doesn't work I'm just going to call microsoft to see if they'll give me a brand new elite 1 controller. Having to deal with random fucking disconnects from my controller in the middle of games is seriously a fucking pain in the ass. i'm thankful it's only happened during dead by daylight mostly. but it has happened during call of duty and dark souls.

I think my only real gripe about being home lately is that we don't have a working fucking sink. I drink a lot of water when i'm at home and having to use the same cup and wash it in the bathroom sink is anything but cool.
Not to mention i have to wait for the bathroom to be clear from anyone just so I can wash my hands is getting kind of annoying. But, again, this isn't my house and I pay only $350 a month so I don't have much to complain about.

I need to cut my nails, they're making typing such a pain in the ass right now.

This has to be my favorite band right now and they only have 7 fucking songs right now. But dude, I swear to god, each of these fucking songs breaks my heart into 1,000 pieces because this guy can just WRITE.
Another thing to note is that I've DEFINITELY rekindled my passion for music lately. I know I talk about it a lot soooooooo....haha

Bloom - Closure

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